showing compassion to patients, improving the lives of patients, providing respect and dignity and commitment to high quality of care (Health Education England, 2014). Respect and dignity is the capability to ensure a sense of worth for an individual (The American Heritage, 2002). Based on the constitution, this can be demonstrated by valuing and treating every person as an individual, […]


The Department of Health states that The NHS constitution is an official document which provides an overview of key principles, values, and rights for members of the public, patients and all staff working with the NHS in England (The DoH, 2015). Furthermore the document is used to safeguard and set out clear expectations based on behaviour and attitudes in […]

Modern Business Environment for New Entrepreneurs (1 Images)

In modern business environment which is complex and unstable, a business opportunity and the entrepreneur’s ability to recognize and grab it, is the key for launching successful venture. One key trait of a startup is its potential to grow and scale quickly. Launching a new start-up requires a perspective entrepreneur to do various tasks- identify […]

Why do Start up Fails (1 Images)

Launching a new start-up requires a perspective entrepreneur to do various tasks- identify a business opportunity, conceptualize a business plan, raise finances, decide location, gain production techniques, target market etc. are few of them. All the necessary task require certain skills and competencies. Inefficiency in any of these can cause failure. An entrepreneur’s failure is […]

Understanding The Unique Value of Proposition (1 Images)

It is important to understand the unique value proposition of the venture- For succeeding in the market and to create a sustainable business. On the basis of customer’s feedback, a value proposition should be framed which cater to the target market in a unique and better way. He pointed out that this understandings further help […]

Economic Spirit for Entrepreneurship (1 Images)

In spite of a not so positive economic environment the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and flourishing well. This report is an attempt to take a holistic view on what it takes to build and run a successful startup. It throws light on why do ventures fail and where the prospective entrepreneur lack in winning […]

How a Business Management Should Be Organized (1 Images)

ORGANISATIONAL PLAN The founder of is the sole owner and Managing Director and President of the business. The organizational structure of the business is to include Board of Directors, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Finance and Operations, Director of Information and Technology and Director Sales and Marketing. The board of Directors headed by […]

Business Plans for New Businesses (1 Images)

This report is business plan of a new business The business offers a business-to-business solution to online merchants of physical, non-perishable products. The business is making use of a consolidation approach in dealing with all product returns that facilitates online merchants to right away put aside bad sales, bring back customer satisfaction and kindle […]